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Due to the very nature of their job Chimney stacks are usually exposed to the elements and are exposed to the winds, this over time can cause damage. We can rebuild, re-point or remove chimneys preventing damp and provide brickwork cleaning & restoration. Raking out and re-pointing of the mortar in between the bricks and flaunching the tops of the chimney area to keep your chimney structurally safe dry and free from any leaks. All Lead work undertaken on chimneys, wall flashings, soaker valleys and dormers etc.

The lead flashing around a chimney helps protect the overall roof structure from the effects of the elements, keeping rain out of the vulnerable part of the roof where the chimney meets the tiles. Good lead flashing will last for decades, but if it is badly fixed or too thin, it can come loose or crack and lead to larger problems.

With many roofs, the associated lead work becomes an important factor to consider when making your roof watertight. We take care to ensure that your roof is laid to the highest standard and we can repair worn or damaged lead work.

Remember for further peace of mind, all our work carries a guarantee and a 14 day cooling off period.


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